15 Alkaline Foods That Prevent Obesity, Cancer, And Heart Disease

Excess body weight and obesity have become one of the most prevalent problems of in the modern society. The National Health and Nutrition Examination Surveys (NHANES) (2009-2010) showed that: “ approximately 69% of adults are overweight or obese, with more than 78 million adult Americans considered obese. Children have become heavier as well. In the [...]

10 Cancer-Linked Foods You Should Never Put in Your Mouth Again

Cancer is a leading cause of death worldwide, accounting for 8.8 million deaths in 2015. The most common causes of cancer death are cancers of: lung (1.69 million deaths), liver (788 000 deaths), colorectal (774 000 deaths), stomach (754 000 deaths), and breast (571 000 deaths).” This deadly disease “arises from the transformation of normal [...]

10 Foods That You Should Eat Daily For Clean Arteries

Clogged arteries are usually caused by high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels. The main role of arteries is to transport oxygen-rich blood from the heart to the rest of the body, and they should be elastic, flexible, and strong. Yet, if clogged, they lead to serious health risks, including atherosclerosis, the major cause of cardiovascular [...]

19 Foods That Help Stimulate The Liver To Remove Toxins Even Faster

Nowadays, the world we live in is full of toxins that overload our body and cause inflammation, diseases, and pain.  Therefore, conducting detox treatments can be of great help to our overall health. As the primary organ responsible for eliminating the toxins from the system, our liver is mostly damaged by these harmful substances, so a [...]

Okra Water can Treat Diabetes Cholesterol And Kidney Diseases

Here we will know how okra water can treat diabetes cholesterol and kidney diseases. The other name of okra is lady’s finger and it’s usually known by lady’s finger only, but this vegetable comes along with thousands of health benefits. The word okra is pronounced differently in different parts of the world. This wonderful plant [...]

Cancer Dies When You Start Eating These 10 Foods Immediately

Here we will know about cancer dies when you start eating these 10 foods immediately. When talking about cancer, this is a disease caused by the growth of abnormal cells in the body and they harm our body in multiple ways. When talking about the types, there are more than hundred types of cancer. Some [...]

Eat These Foods To Tone Your Abs And Lose Weight

Many of us have been hitting the gym with countless repetitions of abs-crunching exercises, only to become disappointed with no firm abs after months of work. The saying “Abs are made in the kitchen” is true, as no matter how hard you push yourself in the gym, you’ll have to pay more attention to your [...]

This 2-Week Lemon Water Challenge Can Help You Lose Weight Naturally!

Starting with the weight loss process is not easy. It’s always easy to say you’ll start tomorrow. If you’ve tried and failed to lose weight in the past, starting a new lifestyle without your favorite treats may be difficult. However, there are many diets and weight loss methods which can help you lose weight just [...]