Hairstyles Inspired by Celebrities You Should Definitely Try Out in 2018 to Look Super Trendy

A change of hairstyle is a good way to create a new image and feel more comfortable and confident. So why not try something bold? Let’s see some of the trendiest celebrity hairstyles you can try without hesitation this year. 1. Super straight ©   © Straight, smooth, and glossy hair is the main trend of 2017, though it doesn’t suit everyone equally. Remember [...]

8 Hairstyles That Show a Man’s True Character

A haircut is a very important part of one’s image. It can tell a lot about the person who chose it. After all, he didn’t choose it for no reason, did he? Of course, this shouldn’t be taken too seriously as this is more of a fun test. We’ve already found some matches. And you? Share your experience in the comments. 1. Long hair Oh, these long-haired pretty boys. They are creative beings, [...]

Celebrities Who Changed After Pregnancy, and They’re Totally Cool About Their Looks

A perfect Hollywood celebrity look is made up of a thoroughly thought-out wardrobe, excellent makeup and hairstyle, and a flawless body. It seems like right after giving birth these beautiful women are ready to conquer a runway or a red carpet and show off their perfect bodies. However, it’s not that easy to get your fit body back in just a month, even if you have enough money and time [...]

14 Pictures of Celebrities Before They Became Famous

When we read news about successful businessmen or famous actors, we don’t think about how the Oscar nominee once worked in a diner or how the CEO of a famous company once bought clothes in a flea market. But photos from “previous lives” don’t lie: many people had to go a long way before they got on the cover of Forbes.   Let’s take a look at moments from celebrities’ lives before [...]

13 Celebrities Who Changed Beyond Recognition

Every girl knows that a new hairstyle refreshes one’s look. And 2017 was a year when Hollywood celebrities stopped going blonde. In addition, celebs’ haircuts and figures changed a lot.   Let’s see the images of celebrities who changed beyond recognition!   13. Kate Hudson Actresses are often ready to change their image radically for new roles. So Kate said “goodbye” [...]

What Celebrities Wear When They’re Out Shopping for Groceries

We enjoy the beautiful outfits celebrities wear on the red carpet, on the stage, and on the screen. But everyone knows that these images are designed by stylists and dresses and jewelry are given to celebrities by the designers that produce them.   Let’s find out what celebrity people, who have millions of fans look like in everyday life. So here are photos of 15 celebrities. [...]

9 Celebrity Rags-to-Riches Stories That Give Us All Hope

If you think celebrities are born with fame and money, think again. Many of today’s celebs we know and love had to endure years and years of poverty and hardship before becoming the world’s sweethearts. Their stories inspire us and make us believe that dreams can indeed come true with a little perseverance and hard work.   That’s why we  have decided to share [...]


ON DECEMBER 17, 2017, a newspaper printed a story titled“Real U.F.O.’s? Pentagon Unit Tried to Know.” No, the headline wasn’t surrounded by text about post-baby bods and B-listers’ secret sorrows. Because it was on the front page of The New York Times. The article describes a federally funded program that investigated reports of unidentified aerial phenomena (UAPs, the [...]

USO – What Are Unidentified Submerged Objects? Under-waters UFOs?

USO | If the vast majority of people think that are probably the flying machines with which our planet is visited by the beings of the Cosmos, few are the ones who have heard of the mysterious objects that cross the under-waters of the lakes and oceans, just like the similar devices that fly in the [...]