13 Life-Changing Kitchen Hacks That Will Save You a Ton of Time and Energy

Family get-togethers can be a truly joyous occasion — unless you are the chef! As the holidays draw closer and people begin organizing their social calendars, many people spend too much time flapping in the kitchen worrying about meal prep ahead of large gatherings.

Calm things down this season these life-changing kitchen hacks that will change your family dinners forever!

Let’s begin with these awesome kitchen life hacks:


Peel garlic in a flash

Garlic is one of those bulbs that is only cut by the person who drew the short straw. Don’t let the lingering smell get on your fingers with this quick kitchen hack. Put the shelled garlic bulb into a mason jar, put the lid on, and shake vigorously to remove the skin. Voila!


Chocolate decorations

Desserts are nothing without the essence of chocolate to accompany them. To create delicate curls, scrape a potato peeler along a piece of chocolate to produce ringlets of confectionary for the ultimate dessert treat.

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