14 Survival Life Hacks That Might Save Your Life

Everyone has a skill they’ve honed and mastered for years, but many such things are mostly useful for our career or general education.

We gathered the life hacks that absolutely everyone should have. These life hacks may seem unnecessary at first glance, but each of them just might save your life one day.

We suggest reading all these life hacks, because they may really save your life!


14. Tying knots

Learning to tie various knots will be of use in many situations: when you need to lift something heavy, when you go hiking or fishing, or if you like active pastimes.


13. Identifying edible mushrooms from poisonous ones

Many poisonous mushrooms can do you harm even when you just touch them — some of them may have mucus that causes rashes or burns. Be sure to share this kind of knowledge with your kids when going into the wild with your family.


12. Knowing the Heimlich maneuver

Otherwise called the abdominal thrust, this method will help you save someone else’s life. If somebody is choking on a piece of food, you’ll know what to do.

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