15 Not-So-Obvious Cleaning Tips to Start Doing ASAP

The question of how to make the process of cleaning easier, and most importantly, more effective has always been important and relevant. Fortunately, there are some little-known tricks you can do to make your clothes and other belongings stay fresher for longer. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff


We have collected some not-so-obvious ideas about cleaning that are surprising and very effective.


1. You can disinfect a mattress using a spray.

How do we make a mattress that we spend a significant part of our lives on fresher, you ask? Well, you can’t wash it. Of course, you could trust this task to a cleaning company, but you can easily clean the upper layer of the mattress with a spray consisting of one part alcohol mixed with two parts water.

Vacuum-clean your mattress and then sprinkle it with the alcohol solution. Let it dry. The alcohol will disinfect the upper layer and kill any bacteria that is making it smell bad. cool stuff


2. Keep kitty litter in the fridge to keep it smelling fresh.

Kitty litter absorbs smells very well. If you put it in a box and put the box in the fridge, the fridge will continue to smell fresh.

Even if all the foods in the fridge are fresh, the mix of smells can lead to an unpleasant odor. Silica litters are the best choice for keeping in the fridge, while mineral litters will have no effect. Be sure to avoid wood litter since it tends to have its own smell. cool stuff, cool stuff, cool stuff

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