8 Life Hacks that Will Fix the Problems All of Us Suffer From in the Summer

Summer is a beautiful season but it doesn’t come without certain issues. This article will highlight 8 common problems that can spoil your summer, and the tricks for dealing with them.


We want you to really enjoy your summer. That’s why we would like to tell you how to avoid 8 unpleasant moments that summer can bring. Also, we’ve provided some ideas for how to treat these situations if you get into them.


1. Sweating and smelling

Sweating and the unpleasant smell of your feet and underarms can completely ruin your summer image. A good idea to avoid this is to wear socks and clothes made from natural materials, like cotton or leather. Change your clothing daily and take a shower regularly on hot days.

Another helpful trick to stop sweating is substituting your coffee with green tea.

And take some time to choose the deodorant or antiperspirant that will suit you best.


2. Razor burn

post-shaving rash may appear if you rarely shave your body during winter especially on sensitive zones like your bikini area and armpits. To reduce redness, swelling, and itching take a few drops of lavender oil, mix it with your post-shaving lotion, and apply it on the damaged area.

Alternatively, mash a couple of strawberries and mix them with cream. Apply to the affected area for a short time and wash off with warm water.

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