9 Smartphone Life Hacks That May Save Your Life One Day

The era of digital technology has turned our world upside down. You can use your smartphone for surfing through pictures of cute kittens or to find first aid. But the most important thing here is to know how to get the maximum from your device. There are many things that you can do with your smartphones and we will share some great life hacks with you!

We made a list of life haks that you can do with your smartphone right now.


1. Night vision

This simple app turns the camera on your smartphone into night vision goggles. If you compare it to the original camera, the difference is astonishing. A perfect hack for those who want to spy on someone in the dark and not be caught.


2. Inconspicuous paparazzi

You surely know that you can use the volume buttons on your smartphone to take pictures. What you probably didn’t hear about is that you can do the same with the buttons on your headphones. They should be classic wired headphones with physical buttons, not sliders, and it only works with iOS.

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