Are These 5 Ancient Artworks Proof That Aliens Visited Earth?

Aliens visited the Earth in the Past – How true is this? Do aliens really exist? Well, there is no official proof for the existence of aliens yet.

However, conspiracy theorists suggest that some ancient hieroglyphs and artworks could be proof of possible alien visitation or influence in the remote past. It is believed that  the drawings were made by the people of the area recording what they were witnessing. Believers in ancient alien theories say that aliens are depicted through human history, claiming that ET has guided mankind’s evolution.

They point to things such as the mystery still surrounding the building of the pyramids and various other rock drawings as proof that aliens have come to Earth to give our ancestors a helping hand.

Here are ten ancient artworks that could be proof of alien visitation in the distant past.

1  – Rock Drawings in Valcamonica

Are These 5 Ancient Artworks Proof That Aliens Visited Earth?Most of the drawings are of symbols and animals, but a few, such as these ancient astronaut drawings, stand out for their bizarre nature. (Image Source)

The drawings in Valcamonica, near to the central Alps in northern Italy, are believed to be 10,000 years old and are part of a collection of more than 200,000 petroglyphs carved into the rocks of the valley. The cryptic drawings, known as petroglyphs, appear to show two “aliens” in helmets with strange weapons – proof that ancient astronauts came to Earth, according to some.

The petroglyphs seem to show the strange figures in protective suits, while white lines also seem to be coming from the heads, with some suggesting that it depicts lights built into the helmets.

2 – Sarcophagus lid of the Mayan king Pacal

Are These 5 Ancient Artworks Proof That Aliens Visited Earth?According to van Däniken’s reading, Pacal sits on a chair tilting forward, his foot on a pedal, his hands manipulate the controls and he breathes through a breathing apparatus. He is preparing to journey into space. (Image Source)

An important example of ancient UFO art is the sarcophagus lid of the Mayan king Pacal. This venerated king ruled from 603-683 CE. After death, his body was entombed in the extraordinary Temple of Inscriptions at Palenque in the Yucatan Peninsula. A five-ton carved limestone lid sealed his body in the sarcophagus that was hidden deep within his pyramidal temple.

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