Marvel Comics Update: Thor Dies A Hero’s Death

The God of Thunder was recently embroiled in a clever arc of twists and deceptions in Jason Aaron’s run on the character in the Marvel Comics Universe. Aaron spun a clever tale with Thor. The Unworthy Thor gave rise to a whole new Thor nobody had ever guessed to become the God of Thunder. The Hero we know as Thor was now a female. For a year now, Aaron made sure no one knew the identity of this all-new Female God of Thunder. That secret was revealed not that long ago in Aaron’s Thor run. Sure, there have been many other Marvel characters who have lifted and even wielded Mjolnir in combat – Captain America, Vision, Groot and even Doctor Doom have lifted Mjolnir and defeated enemies with it. But for the first time, Thor is a woman and it is none other than Jane Foster, Thor’s longtime love interest. And she has just died a truly heroic death in the Marvel Universe.

Jane Foster always knew she was walking a dangerous path every time she became Thor. Jane Foster, when she touched the Mjolnir, transformed into the blonde-haired Goddess of Thunder to become Thor. But it came at a heavy price. The Unworthiness of Thor and Worthiness of Jane Foster to wield Mjolnir wasn’t all black and white. Foster could become Thor only if she was ready to sacrifice the most important thing to her – her own life.

Foster is a Cancer Survivor. She had a terrible bout with cancer. She was cured when years of grueling chemotherapy finally was able to save her. But every time she became Thor, the effects of chemotherapy on her body slowly reversed, little by little. By the way Foster was using the hammer; it was only a matter of time until the effects became lethal. Foster’ cancer returned to her body. And it returned with a vengeance.

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