4 Types of Toxic Cookware to Avoid and 4 Safe Alternatives

Most people these days are aware of the importance of eating healthy. However, not everyone knows that the cookware used to make the food is almost as important as the food itself. Even the healthiest diet can result in health complications if your cookware is toxic.   We’ve researched the most dangerous cookware and found safer options to use instead.   1. Teflon cookware © [...]

UFO Shocks Newscaster On TV News Show, June 21, 2018

The newscaster caught a UFO on the sky cam and as you can see, it shoots right past the weather cam. The UFO actually zig zags and then shoots off. It moves too fast to be drone and too fast to be a helicopter. The close up screenshot you see above clearly shows a huge [...]

Army scientists successfully ‘teleport’ Soldiers

Army scientists have successfully “teleported” a fully equipped squad from a Massachusetts research and development facility to a training area in Germany, the Natick Soldier Systems Center (NSSC) announced today. Teleportation or teleportation would be the process of moving objects from one place to another with the transformation of matter into some form of energy [...]

Inner Earth Civilizations Exist and I Can Prove It: Agartha & Hollow Earth

The word “Agartha” is of Buddhist origin. True Buddhists fervently believe in this subterranean empire, which they say has millions of inhabitants and many cities, including the capital Shamballah, where a Supreme Ruler dwells. They believe the Dalai Lama is his terrestrial representative, and his messages are transmitted to the lamas for thousands of years, [...]

The Arcturian Aliens – Planet Earth’s Protectors From Malevolent Aliens

Human civilization is undoubtedly approaching a threshold with which it will have to deal. We live in suspense-long times since our existence gives us the spectacle of a tomorrow that we do not know exactly what it will contain. Edgar Cayce insists greatly on the importance of fixed stars such as Orion, the Pleiades, and [...]

Forbidden Archaeology: The Giants of Ancient North America

It is a well-known fact that history is always written by the winners. The whole historiography has numerous unknown facts, which are never or at best only partially contained in today’s textbooks. Researchers and historians must, therefore, dig very deep into the old archives in order to bring the real truth to light. The problem [...]

28 Amazing Hacks That Will Save You A Lot Of Money

Sometimes the best things in life are the ones that save you money. From laundry tips and tricks to ways to reduce your energy bills, the smallest little improvements can make the big things in life so much more simple…and cheap! Like they say, time is money, and when a simple tip or trick can [...]

7 Awesome Life Hacks For Drill Machines

Who doesn’t love a good list of life hacks? Just when you thought you had heard them all, I’m about to tell you some pretty awesome things you can do with a drill. Most people have a drill lying around the house and they can be used to do some pretty neat things! You can [...]

16 Clever Inventions Or Clever People

The human race has been built around finding ingenious ways of doing things. It’s in our blood to try and make a task easier, or more effective while doing less effort. It’s that thought process that gave us things like: Reclining chairs Segways Escalators If there’s a way to do something better, or easier, humans [...]

27 Things You Didn’t Know The Use For

Most of us use household items without paying too much attention to them. What you may not know is that some items have symbols or tricks to them that can actually make your life a lot easier. Some examples of these include a stapler, lollipop sticks, shoes, measuring tapes, labels, rulers and aluminum foil wrap. [...]