NEW MASS SIGHTING: Large group of UFOs seen in three USA locations on same day

EXCLUSIVE: UFO investigators are looking at three separate sightings of multiple UFOs which occurred in the US within less than eight hours.   Details of the sightings have been reported to the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC), based in the US, which investigates and records such sightings.One incident happened at 12.45pm in Pasadena, California, when at least [...]

3,000 Year-Old Tomb Of Royal Scribe Discovered In Egypt

The solar boat of the Sun God Ra worshipped by baboons A team led by Waseda University Professor Jiro Kondo has discovered a previously unknown tomb in the Theban necropolis in Egypt. The beautifully decorated tomb is thought to go back to the Ramesside period (c. 1200 BCE) based on stylistic characteristics. The owner of [...]

The 44 Most Astonishing Archaeological Finds In History

The dream of every archaeologist is to make a find that changes the way we think about history. Something ancient, unexpected and marvelous. While most archaeology isn’t as exciting as it’s portrayed in movies, some of it is. These archaeological discoveries were all truly incredible. Many of them pose mysteries that remain unsolved. For starters, [...]

The head of the great Sphinx : is it the gateway to a secret city?

Egypt and its relics today represent a great challenge for science and for humanity. And the great Sphinx hides many mysteries still unresolved today. But probably, the great mystery that hides has been discovered but hidden from the public. Why?(head of the great Sphinx ) In 1798, Napoleon Bonaparte’s troops arrived in Egypt and were amazed by the [...]

Mysterious Accounts of Lost Giants in Branch County, Michigan (by wrexcellent)

In his 1948 monograph A Study of the Glacial Kame Culture in Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana, Wilbur Cunningham accidentally set up a honey trap for future giantologists when he described some skeletal remains excavated in Branch County, Michigan, in 1906 (page 4): “Mr. Burch insisted that at least one of the adult skeletons was equipped with two [...]

Kap Dwa: The (Real?) Story Behind the Two-Headed Giant ( VIDEO)

What is this thing? Where did it come from? If it’s a taxidermy fake, who made it and why? Martin Clemens recounts the history of Kap Dwa.  As one story goes, the giant was captured by Spanish sailors and taken away on a ship.  He broke free and was then skewered in the heart by a pike, ending [...]

Grand Canyon UFO Crash Site – The 4000 Year Old Secret

Over the last few months I have stumbled upon several articles relating to a possible Grand Canyon UFO crash site. We decided to gather what little we could find on the subject and cover the case in the article below. See what you think… The Vessel Several months ago a specialized team of experts were [...]